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...And Upon That Rock...

1) On the rock over the sea - With a distant view
Stands a lonely man - I´m quite sure it´s you

2) Washed by the rain - Your eyes have lost their shine
Bird with broken wings - Poem without a rhyme

Ch1: Burn my body down
Let the ashes float
To the western Isles
Where resides my soul

3) And your spirit´s yet aboard - Sailing to the West
To the forever green land - Where ancient heroes rest

4) Singing the oldest tune - Waves know all the shores
They are the loyal guide - Since the days of yore


5) How many boats you´ve seen - Wishing to board on one
To sail over blue depths - To follow the trail of sun

6) Still you´re tied to the rocks - While your spirit´s almost gone
A harp without the strings - Which´s forgotten its songs

Ch2: Set your body free
Just ger on the board
Sail to Western Isles
Where resides your soul

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1) I thought that I am grown
But I was so wrong
My past has ran me down
One more time

2) Things under control
Aren´t now at all
I am there again
Half insane

Ch: Damn this feeling
I am screaming
But it restores - now and then
I think it´s all gone
But then it just turns on
Again and again and again..

3) I´ve said more than enough
The secret is my love
My eternal curse
Gets only worse

4) Condemned to be quiet
Act that it´s all right
While the fire in my heart
Tears me apart


5) I have to save my breath
Otherwise I would regret
All my dark conceits
In the night

6) Now I have to chill out
Not being so loud
Too many nosey eyes
Follow us


7) It´s a diamond in the cave
And I am its slave
Lurk like the ancient lord
Over his hoard

8) Turned to snake by time
Know that it´s not mine
But unable to waive
What I have saved


9) I beg you for an excuse
I am nothing but a loser
The punishment I serve
I do deserve
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Autumn Mo(u)rning

1)The autumn has came again
Crying on my face, reminds me of the days
Of the years that are forever lost
Of the deceased and their ghosts

Ch: And the sky is gloomy and grey
If I´d die who would sing my prayers
Lighting candles on the graves
Stealth mass for the shades

2)Pardon me for my cheap rhymes
If I remember well I could do better at times
I blame the rain for this decline
So that the shame wasn´t all mine

3)I would use a bit more of sun rays
The sky of blue the smell of hay
Yet the odd transformation spell
Turned rays to rain and hay to haze


4)The sullen flow evokes the Styx-stream
The drizzle draws designs of the dreams
The silent drift of rotting fallen leaves
The shady mist from nether world released

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Black Birds

1) You warrior virgin-beauty, protect heroes, that´s your duty
On your helmet perched forever, spawn of hell, raven called "Never"

2) He blinks his eye, the freaky stranger, Ghastly shadow of avenger
Incantations always spoken, fog-gloom fellow, wicked token

Ch: The spell I whispered in your praise, Full moon bathed in the haze
Shadow creeping on the floor, Instead of Amen - Nevermore

3) Gale is weeping, wailing scary, Darkness dreadful, graveyard dreary
On you cross perched stern and severe, Annwn member, crow called "Never"

4) Sitting there, nothing else matters, pecking tombstone, ruffling feathers
Hallows Eve seems best occasion, revenge trip, retaliation


5) Autumn sorrow, dusk is falling, I hear clearly dead souls calling
Futile was yet my endeavour, on my heart perched rook called "Never"

6) Memories hurt as I grow older, hear them whisper on your shoulder
Feeding two volwes of desire, sitting burned between two fires


7) You warrior virgin-beauty, protect heroes that´s your duty
Seems heroes vanished forever, survived only black bird "Never"

8) I know where dwells the wise sorcerer, my reflection in the mirror
With the man whom I adore, yet united for evermore

Ch: The spell I whispered bears its fruit, finally I found my druid
We´re sharing the shades together with all the black birds called "Never"
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1)Mirages of the trees arising from the mist
I´m stirred up from my peace
I´ve heard the breath of the beast
Indigo blue frost embraces the space
Only mourning ghosts occupy the haze

Ch: Liquidized time hidden in the dew
Ruined pagan shrine, a unique view
Mysterious night with it´s own rules 
Cold blue swamp light lures down the fools

3)The darkness falls, I´m getting scared
Skeleton´s ball, the world is their
Abandoned planes, the Earth will shake
Whisper the name, dragon´s awake


The ribbon of the rail cuts across the land
Over hill and dale, like a scar or brand
Hold back my restless thoughts, don´t let the demons go
The moon in silver boat shares secrets with the crow

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1)At the border of the dawn 
Where darkness keeps the dreams
The legends are alive
The heroes speak to me

The power of the word
Hasn´t vanished yet
Spell has forged the sword
To expell the undead

Ch: Then I open my eyes
And the dream is gone
Still I see the dragons fly
Far away on the horizon

Strangely we´re intertwined
Vowen within our fates
Attuned in heart and mind
Mysteriously related

2) I´m drifting between the realms
Nowhere do I belong
I´m following a man
A legend, vision, song

I´m searching far and wide
In books, ocean and air
I´m asking crows and tide
But they don´t want to share

I almost touched the veil
I nearly have seen through
Beyond there leads a trail
Beyond there lays the truth

Where forests have their realms
And rivers keep their gold
Twilight´s binding charms
Of stories yet untold

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Dark Is The Night

1) Dark is the night, in stream of moonlight
My boat is drifting on the blue sea
I had to leave my homeland and family
´Cause my heart´s longing only for thee

2) Alone I´m sailing in stormy weather
Rough is the ocean, restless my mind
My spirit´s singing anthem of freedom
Heart shows direction when eyes are blind

3) Days keep on passing and wind the piper
My only partner gives me a hand
I hope it leads me straight into your arms
Still heading westwads for the Promised land

4) Stars are the lanterns of divine fire-flies
Lost in the darkness I am not scared
Stronger than mountain, brighter than luna 
Is my conviction I´ll meet you there

5) Despite the hindrance, despite the hunger
I keep on sailing, follow the sun
Till my heart´s beating I´d never leave you
Once it´s been promised, it must be done

6) I heard a legend about a maiden
From isle of Eire she wanted to sail
To the coast of Vinnland where stayed her true love
Despite her strong will she had to fail

7) There was no reunion of the two lovers
But when there´s full moon, the story says
In stream of moonligt her boat is drifting
Her spirit´s singing within the waves

6Dtsch.) Ich hörte alte Märe von viel gelobter Maid
vor ungezählten Jahren auf Insel  Ireland
ihr Liebe wollt sie suchen auf Vinlands Küsten weit
doch sie erreichte nie das Ufer wo ihr Gelibter weilt

7Dtsch.) Die beiden treuen Herzen sie traften sich nicht mehr
doch wie die Sag’ berichtet  wenn der Mond am Himmel steht
dann treiben  Mondlichts Strahlen hin über Wellen Kahn
und in der Wogen Tiefe ihr Stimme man vernahm.

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1)	How deep in sadness you can plunge
Is there a bottom of some kind
Is there a darkness of sea depths
Pressure that takes away your breath

2)	Is there a life of any sort
Or just an infinite dark void
Beings bizzare and luminous
Their lights eerie, ominous

Ch: Can I be stone on the sea ground
Turning to sand without a sound
Moving along with the tide
Beyond concepts of wrong and right

Could I be shell of the reef
Calcium shelter in the sea
Sticking out nothing but a toe
And closing up for all the foes

3)	Why does my sorrow need a sea
Bathing in saltness of the tears
Why it´s not exploring the space
Staying occupied for the days

4)	Sadness there could be infinite
Expanding with enormous speed
Measured in the units of light
Travelling trough the endless night

5)	The only border being mind
Leaving all matter far behind
Regardless of how much dark it is
Sorrow or space or the deep sea

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Dívka - Nedívka

1) Tmavě zelená  je vůně podzimní noci, kreslíce ornamenty padá déšť do kaluží
   V závoji z mlhy halí se podivný pocit, a dívka-nedívka s tenoučkou bílou kůží
   Mrtvému milenci pokládá na hrob růži

2) Tmavě zelená je chuť deštivých stínů, plačíce tiše na zemi listy hnijí
   A dívka-nedívka kleká na vlhkou hlínu, náměsíčné světlo kontury opomíjí
   Jak kaňku černočernou stíny ho drze vpíjí

3) Tmavě zelená je píseň mrtvých duší, v zakleté zahradě zkameněly i city
   Koruna ze jmelí dubovým větvím sluší, stín dívky-nedívky, krvavým vínem zpitý
   V náhrobek milencův navěky zůstal vrytý

4) Tmavě zelený je odlesk svíce času, listy se zachvěly jak struna kontrabasu
   A dívka-nedívka má oheň místo vlasů, světy se smísily v tajemném sjednocení
   A dívka-nedívka je tu a přeci není
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1) I´ve reached the final land
 I´ve reached the end
 Where the sea meets the sky
 Western Isle
 How far shall I escape
 Run from my fate
 Ocean or life or space
 Wind and waves
2) I´ve crossed the sea of green
Dressed up in dreams
And on the dawny hill
Maeb the queen

On bog-land, earth and sky
Clouds flying high
Facing the ancient stones
I knew I´m home

Ch:  Like the jewell amidst the ocean
Shining bright far and wide
And my heart stirred by emotion
That I do not have to hide

When all my loves will fail and wither
Now I know where I shall go
Between the meadows, mounds and heather
And the crows… 

3) I´ve reached the final land
I understand
That the legends are alive
With gentle smile

On castles high above
Forgotten love
Enchanted by your charms
Rest in your arms
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Fairy Line

1)	From the mist enchanted tune
A ghost of a lady on the prow
On her forehead a crescent moon
Above her head a flock of crows

Ch: I came here to get aboard
A ferry line to fairy land
From this shore to the otherworld
And I shall not repent

2)	So I stepped forth from the shades
Answered the call with my chant
Offered her a fine sword blade
Well tempered with my own blood

Ch II: In the mist I stepped aboard
A ferry line to fairy land
From this shore to the otherworld
I´m holding your had

3)	I overheard a distant call
Silent song of wings and wind
Incantation of the Fall
Invited me in

Ch III: Sailing through the wrap of time
There´s no beginning and no end
Our souls meet on the brim of the mind
Always we comprehend
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Fare Thee Well

1)Pursuing me in my sleep
Image of a man long time dead
It´s a needle in my heart
A silver bullet in my head

2)In the time of innocence
Your eyes were my dark guide
My companion through the shades
My fallen angel of the night

3)I tried to solve the mysteries
Hidden in deep well of your soul
Your enchanting was my path
Leading me to days of yore

4)I owe you for my courage
For my pleasures and my pain
Instead of splendid return
You´re lost forever, dead again

Ch: I waive a kiss to my Dark Lord
Lighting my torch for the last rites
Fare thee well on this blessed board
I will stay here on the Western Isles

5)Once you just looked much alike
Now you´re indeed nailed to the cross
And I can not follow you there
Though I highly regret this loss

6)A decade under your spell
Who´d expect such awkward end
You keep your heaven and your hell
But I´ll wait here in the green land

Ch: I waive a kiss to my Dark Lord
Lighting my torch for the last rites
Fare thee well on this blessed board
I will wait here on the Western Isles
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1)The light of hope shines upon me
As I´m advancing cautiously
Obscure the lane, uncertain aim
But a strange faith somehow remains

2)Mundane life´s turned to legend
I´ve dropped my sense in fairyland
But somehow I´m feeling so calm
Like a hermit singing psalms

Ch: ´cause I can´t expect anything
The end outran the beginning
It´s so absurd, so out of this world
Beyond the sence or comprehence
That I can only watch it flow
Like a river, from the prow

3)The shine of love, that radiates
In spite of the walls and barred gates
The eye of day the torch of night
Eternal light has been ignite

4)In search of the ancient grail
Apple isle is a plain sail
Yet in the dreams there is a space
Where our story can take a place

Ch: ´cause I can expect anything
The circle has no beginning
Enchanted mound, I´m lost and found
Beyond the time on the brim of mind
We can simply let it flow
Like the wind, the cloud, the soul
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Free Me

1) Cursed again, unbearable pain, insane
Damned once more, unbelievable sore a real hardcore

Ch: Free me from myself, take me outta this hell
Break the spell
Erase my face and name, burn me in your flame
With all my shame

2) I´m just a freak, for the truth I seek, all in greek
I stepped once astray, now I can´t find my way, to God I pray


3) Condemned in this weird place, lost in the outer space
Without a trace
Tied with my love and hate, fighting with my own fate


4) I am down on my knees, return me back my peace
Set me free
I simply can´t go on, forever all alone
When hopes are gone
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1) Facing towards the green sea
Reaching my mind beyond the waves
With salty breath closer to thee
Every day

2) Counting aeons in the sand
You lent me hope amidst the night
The beginning caught the end
At the tide

Ch I: Between the raindrops spread thy wings
Once you´ve heared the sea gulls cry
If not right here then beyond all things
Hope never dies

3) Facing towards the endless sky
Reaching my mind beyond the clouds
In silent hour amidst the night
There´s no doubt

4) Counting seconds in the sand
You lent me wings for a little while
Gliding high above the land
I´m beguiled

Ch II: Amidst the twilight sing a chant
Once you´ve seen the dragons fly
Beyond the sea in hallowed land
Love never dies
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I´m Scared, I´m Afraid

1) I´m scared of living and I´m afraid of death
One look in your eyes and I can hardly catch breath
The leightest touch causes storm in my head
I´m scared of guns and I´m afraid of hot lead

2) I´m scared of loving and I´m afraid of hate
I wanted to have you but I know it´s too late
I wanted to touch you but you have poisonous skin
I´m scared of disgrace and I´m afraid of sin

3) I´m scared of darkness and I´m afraid of light
It isn´t love ´cause it´s a terrible fight
The battle´s ragging and there´s no place to hide
I´m scared of sham and I´m afraid of pride

4) I´m scared of orders and I´m afraid of pleas
When we´re apart we´re like wrecks in the seas
But when we meet it is always the same
/: ´Cause I´m scared of you and I´m afraid of shame :/
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If I Were a Painter

Ch: If I were a painter
I would portray your lovely face
Your perfect countenance
All your glance

1) I would start with a fine outline
My brush instead of me 
Would gently caress your cheeks
Delicate kiss

2) Then with a shining black ink
I´d stroke again and again
Your raven hair - the precious frame
Whisper your name


3) Now your noble nose
Its aristocratic air
Which makes you so very rare
Infinitely fair

4) With a trembling hand
Your gorgeous lips I´d outline
I wish these were once mine
Till the end of time


5) Then on the very end
I´d like to render the light
Of those eyes darkest than the night
Your unique sight

6) Once this special image´s done
It would conceal all my desires
My secret dreams, my heart on pyre
This all retired

ChII: If I were a sculptor
I would record only the case
But this portrait of your face
Conveys my prayers
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In Praise of Autumn

1) Leaves are most beautiful when dying
All the shades of golden, red and green
The autumn in its full, whispers in your ear
It´s secret that the life is just a dream

2) Leaves are most beautiful when falling
Dancing in the wind like butterflies
Autumn is the king with a hoarfrost crown
Passing streets at the dawn in a disguise

3) Leaves are most beautiful when rustling
Ringing like a dew on raven wings
Autumn is the tune of the chilly morn
Singing I´m the end and beginning

Ch: Mad artist of the fall
Redecorates the trees
His art then being spread
By the autumnal breeze
He has done this work
Over all those years
Everytime the same
But always beautiful, beautiful to me.
Beautiful and clear.

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Into the Fog

1) Into the fog I disappear
To become one with silky cloud
I´m neither there nor am I here
Standing at the gates of otherworld

Into the mist I have submerged
Where suns´s but pale ring at the sky
//: From distinct shapes onto the verge
Of world where shadows are alive ://

Ch: Above the river spirits dance 
Guarding the gates under the veil
I sing along ensnaring tune
I will join soon, but not today

Above the river floating haze
A ghastly train of the wraiths
//:Throughout the water there´s a way
I will go soon, but not today ://

2) Into the fall I disappear
To become one with mighty woods
Follow the path of wolves and deer
Sleep in a den and hunt for food

In autumn leaves I will submerge
Dress in the colours of the fall
//: From mundane world onto the verge
Of realms where echo is the call ://
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I wonder

1) Like a dry grass aflame
Like a wave on stormy sea
Like a horse running untamed
My love rushes towards thee

2) As you can not stop the time
Give a break to the heartbeat
Freeze the bird in a flight
Such I can’t stop loving thee

Ch: And I wonder how long, before it will all go wrong
And I wish to give a chance to this fragile balance
And I wonder how far we will fly before we fall
And I wish these tiny wings survive all things

3) Like a river in the spring
As the snow melts on the hills
The wild flow takes everything
Such is taken my free will

4) Like the tempest in the fall
Tearing down the leaves of gold
Make them dancing on the floor
Such I am losing my hold
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1) Staring at the blue star, drowning in the ocean
Flower in the brown wave evokes my emotion

Ch: Rambling in your shadow, carrying the torch blindly
Well-eyed god and ravens, look down upon me kindly

2) Snake on wrist forever, obstacle is doubled
Too much wisdom´s aching, eleventh floor trouble

3) Lakes constantly frozen, tiger-faced striped creature
Holding empty sentence, which contains your features

4) Steps made of green velvet, Hallows-Eve filled magic
Constant rainbow-chaser, story always tragic

Ch II: Condemned in your shadow, teary-eyed but laughing
Trick or treat´s the password, everything or nothing
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Všechno, co říkám, je pravda jen způlky
Dívám se na sebe prázdnými důlky
Z povzdálí hodnotím svá vlastní slova
Až se kruh otočí zkusím to znova

Všechno, co říkám, je pravda jen zčásti
Z povzdálí hodnotím své vlastní žvásty
Samota nebolí, jen tiše kvílí
Jak upír vysává poslední síly

Dneska už nesplatím zítřejší dluhy
Rozlezlý včerejšek není kam schovat
Až se kruh otočí, zkusím to znova

Ztráty a nálezy, ztráty a ztráty
Kruhy se otáčí, po kolikátý?
Jeden je pro radost a deset k zlosti
Kolikrát našla jsem své vlastní kosti

Všechno, co říkám jsou jen prázdné fráze, 
Prazvláštní pocity nemají název
Cítím tvé doteky, minulé?. Příští?
Bolest a zoufalství zrcadlo tříští
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Love Keeps Me Sailing

1)Love keeps me sailing, through the stormy ocean
Through the tempest wailing, dark waters of emotions
Love keeps me battling, with the army of creatures
With their armour rattling and strange distorted features

Ch: Born with blood of warrior
Tightly bound with the ghosts
Noble horsemen at my side
From times forever lost
Born with blood of warrior
Tightly bound with the past
Noble horsemen at my side
And the promises that last

2)Love keeps me aware, hostage of your presence
No matter how much I dare, it holds a constant distance
Love keeps me armed, though my heart is naked
In the armour unharmed, but painfully heartbreaked

3)Love keeps me aboard, to horizon and beyond
Tightly I hold my sword, the waters carry me on
Love I am a seaman, Apple island in sight
With the army of deamons, eternally I fight
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Memories and Sorrow

1) Memories and sorrow
Distance of the dead
Night embraces tomorrow
And todays regretts

2) I missed out present continous
´Cause I´m never there
It´s memories and dreams
With nobody to share

Ch: The dark shine of your being
Stealth guide of days to come
When I lose all other meaning
You´re still here, the only one
I reach out through the options
Realities yet unfold
Hoping that in some world
Our story would be told

3) I´m well aware there is no moral
Neither there is hope
Still I´m on the prowl
In search for the antidote

4) It´s memories and visions
That keep me go ahead
Either I keep my llusions
Or I walk away with Death

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Midnight Sun

1) My midnight sun
The inner fire
Scorches and shines
Secret desire

2) Amidst the night
The creatures sing
You shine so bright
Like angel wings

Ch.: And I know I shouldn´t dare to touch
And I know I can not reveal that much
But I can´t avert my sight from the glare
Please let me have a mystery to share

3) Binding my demons
Hiding emotions
Your eyes are gleaming
Like endless ocean

4) And I´m so dim
Like raven feathers
The bond within
A spiteful tether
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Mirage Of The Twine

1)The sky is heavy with storm
Horseride on my way home
And my body is a blade
Cutting through the misty shades

2)Spectre lights on the horizon
Horseride on my way home
Jasmine seduces my soul
The sweetest sin that I well know

Ch:Diamonds in my hair
Spider web – my ornate veil
Aspen´s fuzz my precious lace
Golden leaves complete the grace
Mirage of the twine

3)Dancing with raindrops alone
Horseride on my way home
Crystal world of glance and dew
Thus purified, closer to you

4)The Earth is a fresh newborn
Horseride on my way home
I can feel the pulse of space
Passionate like your embrace

Ch:Diamonds in my hair
Spider web – my ornate veil
Aspen´s fuzz my precious lace
Golden leaves complete the grace
Mirage of emain

5)Here I am without a stitch on
Horseride on my way home
The most noble and sublime
The goddes of time
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1) I broke the mirror, almost insane, I can see you clearer, through my pain
I can hear your laughter, I can taste your tears, frozen hereafter, for one year

Ch: The city is burning, nothing is right,
    I am still learning, I´m learning to fight
    The city is burning on the Devil´s night,
    I am still learning that nobody´s right

2) I chased the rainbow in the rain, when I´m so low I just call your name
Than I can hear you laughing and I see your tears I have nothing but memories

3) I broke the mirror, called your name I can see you clearer thru the rain
I chased the rainbow, almost insane, just with the crow and with my pain


4) I broke the mirror, tasted your tears, I can see you clearer, in my memories
I can hear you laughing, thru my veins I have nothing, but my pain
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Moon Reflections (Night Visions)

1) Moon reflections on the roof, unicorn with golden hooves
Deep blue shadow, dark green mist, in silver lake lives velvet beast

2) Moon reflections in your eyes, the cat is black the bone is white
The tree talks and the statue breathe, my body´s dead but spirit´s free

3) Moon reflects on the silver lake, forever sleep but still awake
The rose whispering to the mare, only you know what they have shared

4) Moon reflects on the wet road, on the lake drifts a little boat
Golden snake in the diamond cave, tonight I´m waking up from the grave

 5) Moon reflections on the roof, so precious is a single move
Deep blue shadow, dark green mist, so grateful for a single kiss
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Moonlight Tune

1) There´s a music in the luna
There´s a tune in the space
We´re connected by the moonlight
In which I am bathing my face

2) It´s a stream of endless whisper
A stream of immortal breath
Luna is my sister
Full moon is my death

Ch: I´m married with the shadows
Engaged with the darkness
Drop of dew and voice of the crow
Connects me with my world
Where I belong

3) There is something unspoken
An unsaid word in the air
You can feel just the vague tokens
When the single-eyed stares

4) And to the silver river
She comes to wash her hair
And who ever dared to see her
Was lost while she´s so rare

5) Well this my sister Luna
A twin to the full moon
In a low voice together
We´re singing the moonlight tune
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My Cruel Doom

I feel so damn, lost and worn
A nightingale pierced with a thorn
A widow´s mourn
I feel so crazed, mad, insane
But in your face just a disdain
Cruel as your name!

I feel so cold, pale and white
Like my own tombstone in moonlight
I feel so low, down and small
Like an echo without a call
A dead soul.

Ch: And the brown leaves are falling
Rustling under my feet
Come to me please I´m calling
Troughout my wounded heartbeat

Well, it´s a dream, spectre, wraith
I´m attracted but afraid
Love and hate
Take me back to my land
Keep me here, hold my hand
Both I´d repent!

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Needles And Pins

1) I couldn´t see - followed you down - you did from me - very sad clown
(From tomorrow till tomorrow following my crow, my sorrow)

Ch: Storm of pins - needle rain
Stucked in my skin - piercing my brain
The fight within - me and myself
Eternal sin - suffering in hell

2) Where is my place - I couldn´t find - look into your face - then made me blind
(From one wall to the another with legacy of my father)

3) A frozen sun - and burning snow - day on the run - a cheap freakshow
(Your gift was pain, my only treasure, eternal flame, steel blade and pleasure)

4) The crumbling world, exploding space, fire was cold in your embrace
(Light pierced my skin, blinded by hope, thought that I´d win, need a reload)

5) Everything ceased, just silence stayed, I begged you please, don´t go away
( You couldn´t bear the weight of the truth that I have shared that night with you)
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Next To You

1) Silence surrounded my sorrow
It´s a secret never told
Far and away is tomorrow
When love was over gold

2) Words were the lace for my feelings
When I sat by your side
´Cause my whole body was screaming
I wanna have you tonight

3) My spirit was bright when I waited
And I could hardly catch my breath
But while my heart accelerated
You seemed like dumb and deaf

4) God knows how much I was trying 
But I´m always so scared
Without you I´m constantly dying
And you simply don´t care

5) Silence surrounded my sadness
It´s a song without a tune
So close and nearby is my madness
It might swallow me soon

6) Words were the lace for affection
When I was longing for your kiss
You should have started some action
I can´t do more than this

7) My spirit was bright as we travelled
Your body so close to mine
Am I possesed by a devil
Or just blinded by your shine?

8) Only God knows ´bout my fears
And why I can´t sleep at night
Your are to me so dear
That it´s uneasy to hide
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On The Road Again

1) Blessing or damnation
Twisted incarnation
Riding on my passion
But you are hard as stone

2) I´m the knight of misty twilight
All the emotions you´ve denied
And the question mark in your eyes
Don´t leave me alone

3) It´s the thorny way of sorrow
When I´m waiting for tomorrow
A single word and I will follow
Give up my dark throne

Ch: Shall I be grateful for the pain
Would it help me to go further
Hit the road once again
Cross the border....

4) I´m too old for the love letters
Straight words seem me much better
And all the secret love matters
Chills me to the bones

5) Fading image of ideal
And the emptiness I feel
The wounds I cannot heal
For things long since gone
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1) Ride thru the night, candlelights, remind me of days
Times when I laughed, when I cried, I love you - always

Ch: Silently walk, how far you´d go?
How deep´s the mud, how high´s the crow?

2) My way through the shades to you grave, I´m a bit scared
Then cast the spell, back from hell, I´ll bring the nightmare

3) Don´t hesitate, don´t be late, we got only tonight
I´ve lost my love, all my hate, and the reasons to fight


4) I´ve passed the gate, my blind date, hope you are there
Yet bit afraid, how´s my mate, will she still care?

5) Chilling moon-beams scared my dream, I´m here again
From the deep earth, I heard you scream, calling my name


6) Cool face of moon on your tomb, come back from those lands
Once you are here, don´t disappear, give me your hand

7) You caught the ghost, my blood defrost, when you cast the spell
For this few hours, then I´m lost, you sold your soul to hell

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Secrets Of The Fall

1)The corpse of summer smells in the air
The night reveals me my worst nightmares
Secrets from the depths of my soul
I´d redeem these with the leaf gold
Of the fall

2)My obligations are suddenly clear
The night reveals me my greatest fears
Secrets kept in rain and storm
I´d redeem them through the mourn
Of the fall

Ch:This florist of the rotten leaves – sells me double bouquet for free
The forger of the morning mist – with the anvil made up of the silk
Chaser of the chilling breeze – which lays the traps that makes you freeze
The hooded figure in the dreams - mottled spirit of the fall

3)I placed my joy in the stanger´s hands
Night reveals me the punishement
Secrets shared with the full moon
I´d redeem these with the sad tune
Of the fall

4)On falling stars I´ve lain my hopes
Night reveals me truths beyond scope
Secrets etched in runic stones
I´d redeem them mounted on roan
Of the fall

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Several Bond

Ch: Please leave/keep me in the/this grateful mist
Where things are hazy and so are beasts
Where shapes are uncertain, edges blunt
Where the rule is a riddle, the law is a pun

Please keep me in this kind landscape
Where instead of the objects are only shades
Where a gloomy weapon hurts just a wraith
My soul travels far when the flesh´s engraved

Soft moonlight embraces this countryside
And on the horizon my horse I ride
With my hair on fire, body in flame
I am led by a desire that can´t be tamed


My horse spreads the wings and thru the velvet night
On silky-black horseback I take the flight
The forests breathe secrets and the lakes its charms
My raven wings longing now for your arms

My heart sings out your name - the sweetest tune
I´ll be yours again, forever, soon
Our flesh and blood unite, tonight
Eternally dreaming yet side by side

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Shades In Light

1) I’m trapped in an odd landscape
Where my will has no impact at all
Objects are altering shapes
Following singular rules
And echo is the call

2) I wish I’d never stepped in
If only I kept my eyes shut
Can’t forget what I have seen
Deep inside it hit a string
Infected my blood

Ch: Shades in light - Lilies bleed
On I ride - You took the lead
Eerie glow - Distant coast
On I flow - With the ghosts
With the ghosts

3) The scenery with two blue lakes
Reflecting the days and nights
My aching hear give me a break
Spare me from the will-o’-the-wisp
Why I do shadow this light

4) I’m walking misty paths in woods
I wonder where do they lead
I can’t see evil from good
Concepts are all mingled here
Somewhere between dream and deed

Ch: Shades in light - Lilies bleed
On I ride - You took the lead
Eerie glow - Distant land
On I flow - I comprehend
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Sneaky Autumn

1)Clouds, where are you going
Don´t you leave me here alone
On the grea sky forever rowing
Let me fly – with you – home

2)Rain, why are you falling
Tears of melancholic fall
Let me cry with you this morning
The bloody drops of endless sore

Ch:Leaves, where are you leaving
I´d like to steal your precious gold
On raven wings with all the thievings
I would fly back to the days of old

3)Eclipse, where did you come from
Won´t you return back to your den
No-one will miss you here in my world
Disgorge the eye of day again

4)Chill, you´re so annoying
Why must you nip my toes and cheeks
The dull sounds in haze echoing
Denoting „the autumn sneaks“
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Take a stroll

1) Hazy path - In the woods - Shade and shine - Red and green
In spider-webbed - Wild-rose lace - Neatly dressed - Autumn queen

2) Please welcome - Into my realm - Feel like home - Take a seat
Just for a while - Then I´m gone - Touch my flame - Trick or treat

3) I´ll show you - Death and life - Little things, mysteries
The way the world´s - Intertwined - Throught the roots - Through reveries

4) There are paths - Far beyond - In the tarns - In the mounds
Once you´re asked - You can go - Through the gates - Past the bounds

5) Take my hand - Take a stroll - Hear the breeze - Feel the leaves
Red and green - Auburn, gold - Candelights - In the mist

6) Listen to - Raven´s call - The stealth guide - Through the shades
Once I´m gone - He is yours - Reminder - Of our date

7) Keep my words - On your mind - I´ll come back - At right time
We will pass - Through the gates - Travel far - You and I

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Take me, river

1) I´d like to flow with the river
Like Lady of Shallot
Covered in the flowers
Accepting my lot

Have me stream, now take me
And carry me home
To the endless ocean
Where I do belong

Ch: In the heart of the darkness
Songs softly repose
You must reach across the border
To get one of those

2) Close your eyes to this world
To see the realms beyond
There I rest forever
Along with the songs

The flesh will feed the creatures
From my hair they´ll build a nest
I´ll return to the nature
I will find a rest

3) Hands off my skeleton
Foolish musician
No harp shall tell my story
Silent is the tune

Only wind ruffling the feathers
Only rain caressing leaves
Snowflakes on the wolfskin
Echoes in the mist

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The Autumn In Flames

1) Goodbye, summer days, yet goodbye
What would now heal my pain
Deep in my heart I can feel winter time
Greeting the autumn in flames

2) Pass me another red wine
Bacchus in praise of your name
I lift up the glass in the soft candle-light
Blessed be autumn in flames

Ch:I would like to pick up (I´d like to pick up your fruits)
All of your colours decant (Your colours decant to the bowls)
To protect me from the cold winter breath
To cheer up my tortured soul

3) This soul´s dressing up in the shade
The shade of chilling foggy days
The shade of the night I have spent on your grave
Embracing the autumn in flames

4) Dance of fallen golden leaves
The carpet of all muddy ways
The drizzle and rain and the storm in my strain
When I praise the autumn in flames

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The Truth

1) I went down on my knees when I met your true love
I thought that my sense went beyond the space
It was so aching when I saw where the truth lies
I recognized we walk different ways

Ch: Into the wind I cried out my story
Into the rain I whispered your name
I asked the rainbow to tell you I´m sorry
But from loving you I went totally insane

2) I guess our world is a weird place for living
I guess our world is a strange place for love
I wish you heard everything what I´m singing
For what I ´m feeling words ain´t enough

3) No words can speak about love that I´m feeling
None of the feelings can be transformed to words
My world is ruined and I´m just praying and kneeling
It´s all I can do for the man I adore

4) From dust to dust I´m just a stage in the middle
But still I´m a sand beneath your feet
You are the answer for the ultimate riddle
You are the One I really need
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Thru The Wind

1) Thru the wind and thru the weather I wish I could at least be better

2) Thru the wind and thru the storm I wish I were never born

3) Thru the wind and thru the rain I wish I never went insane

4) Thru the weather and the wind I wish I had never sinned

5) Thru the wind which´s in the trees I wish you weren´t overseas

6) Thru the wind and thru the clouds I´m heading north instead of south

7) Thru the wind and thru the weather with the birds I fly together

8) Thru the wind and thru the storm I wish I rode the unicorn

9) In the wind and in the rain I´m on the run screaming your name
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Travelling In Dark/Sublime While

1)Travelling in dark 
Where the sound of the wind carves the shapes
The primordial substance
Shapeless spirit in the bosom of a maze

2)Nameless in the shade
The being is but fish in a pool
The apparition to appear
When the tune once transforms in the rule

3)If there was a flute it could stroke the barenness
Singing like an echo of a wind
If there was a harp it could sooth the restlessness
Playing an air old like an oaken rind

4)Enfolded in mist
The image of a nave on the sail
Encompassing breath
That drives the vessel with a gale

5)Breeze whispers the charm
Chanting from the depths of the mind
It casts a spell of doom
Upon the sleeping dragon to unwind

6)If there was a drum it could dance the night away
Pulsing like a lighhouse on an isle
If there was a voice it could say the ancient prayer
To participate on this sublime while
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Where We Can Meet

1) On the moonlit planes, when the dark clouds are heavy
And among the shades grass whispers the spells
There we can meet, two of the shadows, two of the straws
Between heaven and hell
On the moonlit planes, there we can meet

2) On the gloomy sky between chilly cold raindrops
Just the lament and cry of the approaching storm
Two wings can touch, two coal black feathers
Two crows-grim guards, when the death is reborn
On the gloomy sky, there we can meet

3) Amidst the marshlands in the no-man´s dim realm
Between hope and despair of the heather in bloom
The two dancing lights, two fluttering fires
There we can meet in spite of our severe doom
Amidst the marshlands, there we can meet

4) In the depths of green lake that once gave birth to the sword
Between weeds and the shellfish resting in the dirt
Spring two water-lillies like crystal white swans
Floating on the surface, two ethereal birds
In the depths of green lake, there we can meet

5) In the barrow of stones, in the old grassy grave mound
Between mouldering bones of the forgotten knights
There we can meet, two precious bracelets
Two red gilded rings seized in the fight
In the barrow of stones, there we can meet

6) We´re outlaws of the passion
Two broken hearts in exile
We don´t deserve a compassion
Nor a rest for a while
We can not stay together
In our natural shape
Yet still there are worlds 
Where to escape

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1) Midnight is coming soon
I´m in the quest of wolf-tune
A secret wise relation

2) Puzzling out mysterious runes
I´ve got the sense of  wolf-tune
A song from days of yore
Yet reborn

3) Sitting in my dark room
Thinking of the wolf-tune
I can hear it in my head
While going mad

4) From the bite I´m immune
I know the right wolf-tune
Howl it now and again
In the rain

5) For sad and lonely Moon
I sang the only tune
A song of apparitions
Dancing visions

6) Bricked up in the stale tomb
I´ve picked out my favourite wolf-tune
A wet-ground-scented tale
Autumn gale

7) I had to fill my dark doom
My last will was the wolf-tune
Please sing it every day
On my grave - Instead of prayer
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You Belong To Someone Else

1)You belong to someone else
But still I see you in my dreams
I can´t have you even there
It´s obvious what it means

Ch:I´m cursed forever
Was an idle endeavour
And the words that never
Have been said

It was my sick desire
Of which you soon got tired
I´m burning on my own pyre
Still not dead

2)And my spirit´s on the run
To the north where my heart dwells
To the woods where I´ve been once
Enchanted by ancient spells

3)I wish to cast off this charm
Like a sword returned to the lake 
If only I could drop in there
All my scorching, aching mistakes

4)And the ocean in your eyes
Plays the dark strings of my heart
Once we were on same wave-length
Frequence  now for good denied

5)I need to attune my soul
Save it from total discord
Protect the fragile balance
 Of my sombre secret world

Ch:´Cause we are cursed together
In this idle endevour
With the words that never
Should´ve been said

Suffer from sick desire
That only makes us tired
And wishing that this fire
Would be dead

6)Still I see you in my dreams
Though you belong to someone else
I wish I roads would never cross
On this highway straight to hell
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Your Dark Fate

1)Your doom is rather strange I guess
Heart concealed in severe fortress
Where no curious eyes can see
The ultimate truth about thee

2)Ghosts of the past are in your sight
Deep in your soul an endless night
The creepy shadows long time gone
Will never leave you on your own

Ch: With your own blood write down your fate
The truth about the gloomy shades
The bitter memories of pain
That rushes - halfway - through your veins

3)And the firm point to move the Earth
Is not to be found anywhere
So the destination of your way
Is hidden in the gloomy haze

4)But before you´d enter that dell
Decipher all the ancient spells
And on wet wall of your dark vault
With your own blood there note a code 


5)I shall follow than your trail
Hidden under the midnight veil
Your blood for mine I will accept
Together we´d enter the death 

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Your Name

1) Days by the sea - And sky of grey - Longing for thee -  In all my prayers
Bring back to me - Ocean my friend - Ravens and wind
A man

2) Damned is my soul - Alone and scared - Love over gold - Ill dark nightmare
Break, please, this spell - Open my eyes - Rip off the veil      

3) Divided sea - All lonely ways -Life without thee - Is an empty space
Beneath the sky  - On sacred land -   Roses don´t die   

4) Dark is my way - Ashes and dust - Lost in the haze - Immortal lust
Bewitched again - October rust - Restless ashamed

5) Destroyed and ruined - Awake I wheep - Lethal are wounds - Invades my sleep
Broken ashamed- Omitt your name - Rather insane
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